Monday, 28 September 2009

Line drawings and composite buttons

Here are the missing line drawings and composite buttons:

Bead Samplers

These are my bead samplers.  The first is a sampler of trapped beads and edges. The backing is a subtle monoprint bound with a discharged print.

Going from the top left we have:

Binca with drawn threads exposing violet sequins.

Purple stone from Marloes beach trapped under free tatting.

Enamelled elephant (old earring) under stitched threads held with seed beads.

Seed beads under nylon organza stitched in groups

Pistachio shells dyed green and violet under nylon curtaining

Glass flower arranging pebbles under rose ground hand-made lace.

Shisha held traditionally

Flat fima paillettes under Torchon ground lace

Dyed shells under nylon curtaining.

Dip-dyed stone held with metallic thread and beads.

Balls of fine wire waste under green organza

Stitched and beaded large bead under stitched mesh

Dip-dyed earring bit under holographic metallic thread

Felt bead under polythene held with beads

First row edging:- Bugle beads laddered with metalllic thread, with fine hand-made springs and sequins, beads and sequins, triangular paillets

Second row edging:- fringe made with seed beads and crystal drops(plastic!) with a centrepiece of cloisonne beads.

Third row edging: - columns of bead shapes made from fima an washed in washing machine to make a silky finish.

Fourth row:- wooden beads and sequins, seed bead chains and laliques stars stitched with metallic thread.

I made this next sampler from some of my printed fabrics cut to form a spiral outlined with machined cords.  I wanted the beads to spiral too, following the fabric shapes.

Top left we have a covered washer, wing nut, fabric beads, buttons held in various ways, safety pins and paper clips, sequins held in various ways, some with bead toppings, bugle beads topped with sead beads to stand upright, springs made from fine wire stitched in a row with sequins.

Top right we have seed beads following the cord and graduating in size, washer made into a composite bead, buttons held in various ways, beads in various ways and beads in graduated groups and line patterns.

Bottom left we have paillettes and sequins stitched in different ways and with various little piled toppings. Triangular paillettes in the corner with seed beads, seed beads in a long pattern, painted vilene shapes with bead columns and hand-made beads from fima.

Bottom right we have seed beads and bugle beads following the cord and graduating with rows of beads graduating in size to the edges including beads made from fancy knitting yarn and dip-dyed beads from the notions pot.

The sampler is backed with dyed fabric mitred at the corners ( one corner not so good!) and framed in hand made cord with spiral couching.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

MODULE 3 Chapter 1 Research sheets

Chapter 2a Playing with paper

Paper spirals: threaded, cut out, twisted, wired, steamed, made with different shapes and paper printed on both sides.

Using the corrugated sides of cardboard boxes, made lots of 3d spirals and gathered together in a sort of fairground composition.  I lined a box and decorated with spirals and used the previous piece as a background.

I made paper beads and tissue-covered wire to make the cut-out sample - though I'm not very fond of it - the top paper is too plain.

I used one of my computer images for the background of the last one and echoed the movement with paper beads.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Chapter 2b Printed papers

Monoprinted papers with spirals using a variety of tools.

I used my computer produced spirals and played with adobe elements 6 to get the images and then bonded to muslin with PVA to make a new fabric to use as back ground.

Chapter 3 and so to dye

Starting to dye with my plastic bags all ready.

Fabrics and threads after the dyeing session.


Notions dyed

and single monoprints.

Double monoprints and discharged fabrics monoprinted.

I felted some fuzzy yarns in spirals on two different stacked felts.  The reverse is much more subtle and I prefer it.

Chapter 4 Stitched samples

The following post had all the explanations on before publishing - but they seem to have disappeared!

Here are the legends:

Left to right

I seamed 4 fabrics, spiral-couched cords on the intersections and tried a different spiral in each section

Couched yarns in spirals on a dip-dyed fabric

I seamed 4 fabrics again and added part spirals in a couched variegated yarn in a spiral fashion

Random stitched spirals on dip-dyed muslin

I seamed strips of over-dyed commercial fabric and couched spirals made of knitting ribbon threaded with variegated yarn.

This was a piece of monoprinted silk, stitched with running stitch when I then pulled up in various ways to texture the surface.

This one actually has a free- machined base on mono-printed fabric.  The spirals are threaded ribbon, slubby yarn and dyed tissue to give depth to the spiral, embellished with a few beads.

Chapter 4 Hand-stitched samples

Chapter 4 More Stitched Samples

Sian winced at this one at summer school. I have removed the most offending bits. I t was an idea for a before and after image - a glitzy night-time fairground and the morning after rubbish-strewn tawdry scene. Ah well!

This is over-dyed commercial fabric seamed in strips, free-machined with whipstitch making a very textured surface - its more textured than it looks here.

Samples using combined hand and machine stitching.  This is the reverse of the 'roll' below.

This sample was made with circles of my monoprinted fabrics stacked and machined with a wrapped washer.  The machining makes it into a little dome - though this does not show in the photo.  It is about 6 inches in diameter.

I tried a 3d sample using the technique learned in summer school of stitching on solufleece and shaping over a former leaving some of the 'sticky' in to maintain the shape.  I used lots of spiral stitching and cut out shapes from painted vilene to make the four shapes and then stitched them to a base I made from trapping threads under chiffon and free maching spirals in several tones on the top.  The central motif is a washer wrapped in a dyed shiny cord with triangular sequins and a bead spiral.