Monday, 15 March 2010

Chapter 12 resolved sample Hedgerow secrets

It is finished at last and I still have fingers left, though with smaller tips!  I did videos of both sides before they were sewn into the 3d shape, and they uploaded into the post and I could play them, but I could not get them to publish. I kept getting an HTML error - don't understand this - any ideas anybody?

It is a 3D resolved sample on the theme of hedgerows showing texture in the use of manipulated fabrics and hand stitching.  I think it is fit for its purpose and I am satisfied with the result.  I like the spareness and transparency of the windows set against the riotous heavily stitched panels. It looks different every time the construction is turned round or over reflecting these properties of a mature hedgerow.  If I was making it again I would use the pliers to pull the needle through the difficult spots much earlier! 

Size - each panel is 18.5 cm square approximately, as the frayed edges add to that - the whole piece measures 111cm by 18.5 cm.

Design time - 9 hours

Stitching time - 26 hours

Cost - approximately £4.65

The sample from the top and underneath the sample turned upside down.

A view of the joined panels.  They may not look as if they blend consecutively as they get a different orientation when the hedgerow  is made into the 3 D shape.

The tulle window looking through to the rhodes square with spider web.

The tulle window looking from the bottom.

A view of the bottom.

A view of the top.

This is the hedgerow right way up.  Each panel is roughly 18 1/2 centimetres square with protrusions for the edges. It took a few attempts to get the balance right, but it now stands alone quite firmly.

This is the hedgerow upside down.  It's also stable in this position.

I wanted to try out my blue design so I had a go whilst my fingers were recovering for another bout of heavy stitching on the other sample.

This is two side views and a full frontal of the blue sample. I used quilting, stuffed tucks  and gathering for the main textures with herringbone and loose french knots in the hand stitching. The top layer was raised with balls made from woollen yarn stitched into shape and then stitched to the sample. The edges were 'hedgerowed' with the wools I used for stuffing the tucks and the material frayed.

The top view has photographed much flatter than it  looks in reality.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Chapter 12 resolved sample in progress

My fingers are so sore from the hand stitching through not so friendly surfaces - much use of pliers to pull through, so I thought I'd let Sian have a look and comment while I rest awhile.

These are the reverses of the textured surfaces and window.  The tucked scrim may have some twining cords over the surface - still has edges to finish.  The Rhodes stitched square has a very fine enormous Rhodes stitch over the whole piece.

These are the textured pieces for the triangular construction, still needing some finishing work.

The three layer window under construction.

One of the single windows - yet to be framed - over hand stitched bottom piece.  I restricted myself to variations on Rhodes stitch and french knots throughout the resolved sample. 

Propped up one of the windows to show how it will be constructed.

This is a triple layer window with twin needled tucks on polyester sheer. The layers were cut with a soldering iron to make lots of little windows. two frames were made from plastic canvas and two of the sheers stitched to the frames leaving lots of ends for the edges, then the frames wre sewn together enclosing the third layer - its not quite finished - waiting for sore fingers to recover!

I propped it to show how see-through it was - unfortunately the light bounces off the sheer when photographed and it doesn't look so transparent as it actually is.