Monday, 26 October 2009

More Chapter 2

Having a bit of a failure with my papermaking attempts.  Just getting the hang of things when I ran out of pulp. I consoled my self with playing in Chapter 2 again.

I tried a glue layer and in number 11 it spread and dissolved the ink to look rather messy.

I had fun with cut outs, overlays  and a bit more playing in Adobe with my creations.

Back to my second lot of pulp!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Module 4 Chapter 1

Research sheets

I compiled three collections in the first image.  They cover visual media, post and packing items, and tools of the writing trade.  The second image shows a collection of alphabets from early pictorial alphabets to modern calligraphy.

I have picked out violet, red and yellowgreen to use as the colour scheme in this module.

Module 4 Chapter 2

I played around on the computer with the alphabet, with different fonts, with sizes and with combinations of letters.  I finally chose F and J to work with. 

I thought they had a nice foreign look in some combinations, they joined together in many different ways and the capitals were quite different from the lower case.  I also discovered that two capital J's upside down together make a lower case f. Not a world-shattering discovery - I admit.

I wrote the letters with various 'pens' in ink, pencil, graphite and paint. I used bleach in the big F's. I tried writing over sequin waste and cutting out letters from rubbed sequin waste.

The doodling into stylized patterns of FJ was soothing to do and cutting out lots of letters in different styles occupied a happy hour.  I had a great time on the computer.  The 3D look of massed letters was pleasing and I used these sheets in a few different ways - as backgrounds, folded and as cutouts.  I tried lots of my productions in Adobe photoshop, with, I think,  some stunning results.  This is not a quick process, however, and it whiled away many hours!

I could go on and on but my paper pulp is beckoning.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Chapter 10 Module 3 Finished pocket

The pocket is finished at last.  The belt is made from covered washers with alternate embellished felt ovals with a glittery cord spiral held in a plastic pocket. It is fastened with composite beads on the glittery cord which is threaded through the final two washers. The washers are joined with heavy cord spaced to receive the felt ovals. The ovals bear no weight which is carried by the joined washers.

The top pocket front is made from several layers of machine embroidered monoprints and edged with dyed fleece couched hard to make a softer edge. the base of the pocket is made from corded silky yarn stitched in a spiral around the central motif which echoes the bottom pocket.

The bottom pocket has a base of a monoprint and the top is made from tiny machine-made cords

which are stitched together on a firm base. it is edged with fleece as the top pocket but more finely. The outside edge is a continuous spiral around both pockets.

Design time - 27 hours

Completion time - 38 hours

Is it fit for it's purpose?   It sits well around the waist and does not feel too heavy.  The top pocket can hold small items like lipstick, keys etc - though not in a crowded place as it would be easy to pick this pocket! The bottom pocket would hold a handkerchief or tissues.  I feel it is a decorative piece rather than a very practical one though. I'd wear it to the opera but not to the supermarket.

If I was making it again I would make the outside trim a little more even as it gets bigger - it bulges a little more on one side than the other. I also would consider making the opening of the top pocket off centre towards the top so that there was more 'pocket'.

I am pleased with it overall and find the colours and variation in texture very attractive.


Lucy Locket lost her pocket

Kitty Fisher found it

Not a penny was there in it

But a ribbon round it