Thursday, 29 April 2010

dreams really do come true!

The summerhouse is no longer our guest bedroom, cum meditation space, cum office cum workroom - I have it for myself!  We  have a new log cabin in the garden for all the other uses!

I am in the process of gathering all my bits together and attempting to organise them efficiently.

Here are pictures of my unnaturally tidy space and Stephen took a picture of me because he said I looked so happy.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Chapter 2 final design experiments

For the first one I cut long, curvy diamond shapes from layered papers and then applied to new backgrounds - on the right is the negative shape applied to a different background.

Having fun pushing my layered decorated papers in a few different directions.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Chapter 2 combining papers for water effects

Shapes from my photographs were identified and used to cut strips and pieces to make further combinations. I took straight lines from the lines of small waves rolling in, rippled lines from more complex wave patterns, individual shapes from patterns in the foam and the water; some are layered and pieced for more complex images.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Chapter 2 computer play

These are decorated papers made in Adobe photoshop using some of the preliminary designs from the first exercises then changing filters, adding distortions and layering to make both subtle and dramatic changes.

Chapter 2 decorated papers

These are some of the decorated papers for the design exercises. The one above is a selection of the kitchen papers under the paintings and after wiping my brushes.

Above that the papers are tissue inked and then scrunched to a base, markal resist and brusho,
brusho and bleach, markal over neocolor and scraped and in the middle candle resist with brusho.

At the top - neocolor rubbing over a large grooved button, brusho and bleach, brusho and candle resist, vilene diamonds printed over markal resist with brusho and in the middle PVA swirled, dried and painted over.

Chapter 1

These two got out of sync for some unknown reason - they should be the last 2!

The mark making experiments in my sketchbook.